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Traditional Sketch Commissions
Liliana :sketch: by Serene-SimpliciT
What Happened? by Serene-SimpliciT
Sketch Commission :The Enchantress: by Serene-SimpliciT
Try Me :Pencil Sketch: by Serene-SimpliciT
Cent :SKETCH: by Serene-SimpliciT
Bleach OCs :sketch: by Serene-SimpliciT
Pencil sketch, shaded, can do background with this

All forms (headshot, half body, fullbody) : shown (may fluctuate depending on the the commission)   
Extra Characters or Animals: Points + 100 (or $1)
Background: Points +150 (or $1.50) per character or animal

Example of each: 

Half Body:





Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Facebook:… Tumblr: (learning how to use it XD) /Twitter:
Hey, I'm Maddie,
I am the creator of Blog of an Anime Artist(link below), as well as:
Racing 4 Destiny
Hell's Angel
Gugen Trials
Project Kousei
Denji Vs. Takeshi
Dimension Kingdom
Two Sides
Scarlet Secrets
Fish Tales
Jock and the Nerd

My fav things include drawing, writing, Manae Yamazaki, day-dreaming, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Anime, Manga, and GhostAdventures. More stuff will be out soon, but until then, visit my blogs and keep favoriting my drawings, thx!

Mariya Yattamori STAMP *Request* by mangakid14OCxCannon STAMP *Request* by mangakid14Mariya Yattamori STAMP *Request* by mangakid14OCxCannon STAMP *Request* by mangakid14Mariya Yattamori STAMP *Request* by mangakid14

Q&A ^o^

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: I started really drawing at the beginning of my 8th grade year, and now I'm a Senior in High School, so about 5 years.

Q: Though it's obvious, who is your all time favourite character that you created?
A: Mariya is no longer existent, as well as Devena, but a new child has taken their place. My favorite is definitely Maggie, with Isugoro in close 2nd.

Q: Other than Mariya, what Character was the most fun to create?
A: Well, Maggie most definitely was fun, but Isugoro and Cent are my picks. OUt of all the boys I have, these two are the most developed, and unique, so I have fun with them.

Q: So, what do you want to be?
A: Well, if I could be anything, I would love to be a performer (that came out of nowhere for most of you XD) I've been in theater since I was in 4th grade, and I've been involved in choirs since...I think 3rd grade. That's why I said it'd be fun to try voice acting, though I doubt I'd really ever make a roll. Nowadays, I'm looking more into art and writing, and hope to become a storyboard artist at either Disney or Dreamworks.

Q: Do you want your own studio or something? Like Studio Gibli? And if yes, what would you name it?
A: Y'know, I wish that would happen, but it's slim to none XD

Q: If you do become a voice actor, what anime would you want to be in and what character?
A: I would love to be Sakurako Amamiya or Older Mari in "PSYREN", I love the manga a lot, and those two are my favorite girl characters in the story, so to play either of them would be an honor. That, or Sakura from Arina Tanemura's Sakura Hime, Legend of Princess Sakura. The manga is adorable, and if it does become an anime, I would definitely beg for the part LOL

Q: If one of your stories ever does become a Anime, which one would you think it would be?
A: Forget Gugen Trials, LAPIS, definitely. It has action, romance, adventure, military, futuristic, alliens, guns, it's definitely one of my favorites.

Q: And in the event Gugen Trails is an Anime, are there any characters you would love to play yourself?
A: I'd still love to play Einoka, I need to get more information about her, and the story period XD

Q: Are there any Characters or Couples you will never draw, even if you're offered points or money?
A: To be honest, I really just don't like drawing Hitsuhina. I LOVE Momo, I LOVE Toshiro, I don't LOVE them together. Idk, I just see it as more of a brother/sister relationship. Though, because of awesome people I've met on here, such as :iconahiruhoney:, I've adjusted so to draw other Hitsu pairings, but only those that belong to CLOSE friends. Also, I'll never draw any yoai/yuri. Not that I hate it, I just don't want my parents looking at my stuff and go, What the HELL is this?! I'm not big on lemon, so that will probably not show up (same reason as before). Though, I never said I wouldn't draw something mature :iconsmileyplz: As for random things, I'm not good with machinery, like robots and all that. I'm still learning!

Q:Really? Now, saying that, are there any other Hitsu pairings that you actually like?
A: There are a few OCs that I believe are good pairings, such as AhiruHoney's HitsuYumi, though I must say, I have to still love HitsuYama more, guess it's just a shipper thing XDD

Q: Have any Pet Peeves?
A: I have a few.
1. I hate sitting at the end of a table, I like to be surrounded by people.
2. I DESPISE pervy jokes/comments
3. I get severely irritated when people stick their heads out bus windows. Yeah, I know that's really random, but it really works at me.
4. Being poked in the side

Q: Are you good at anything else?
A: I like to sing and dance. I sing in my high school's treble choir, and I took dance lessons for about 10 years (3-13). I guess I'm ok at acting, I've been involved with...10 plays/musicals (Christmas Carol, Harvey, Get Smart, Sherlock Holmes, Beauty and the Beast, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wizard of OZ, Importance of Being Earnest, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Is He Dead?), three on tech crew as either set designer's assistant, or the set designer (she graduated).

Awesome People/Artists

Little Sister: :iconiluvyami111:

My birthday badge
Heyyo, this be Maddie.

So, I thought I'd go ahead and put up an update since it's been a bit since my last journal, and I want to keep you all in the loop of what's been happening.

My new account :iconmaddiejk: is officially up and running, I have even posted a new pic not on this account up of Maggie ->Power of Blue by MaddieJK
Lovely, no? XD

Though I will say that I was surprised to see not many people have transfered from my current watchers list, to the new one. My guess is in three parts;
A. People have just not done it yet
B. People erase my journals talking about my new account before they actually read them
C. People aren't watching because they originally watched me because of Bleach stuff that I used to do, and since I no longer am associated with it, they don't want to watch

All reasons I understand, and am not unhappy about.
Infact, just because, I will though thank those who have subscribed to me:
:icontechn0vert::iconxartsygeekx::iconerzascarletfan1::icontheladyofblack::iconthatjewelchick::icontasumichan::iconeternallight10::icondevilsbladeauthor: and :iconlittledreamer96:

That's 9 people out of the 180 watchers I have
But y'know, those people are awesome for doing it, I hope you enjoy my further work, and hopefully our small community of 10 will grow (it will at least grow by one one once I remind my sister XD)
For those of you who haven't, go for it! But, if you're just not wanting to, that's perfectly fine, and I hope you enjoy the stuff that I will post on this account further on

Ok, so my new account is going to be swamped here soon with new work. 
Why? Well, I'm doing a local event and I will be showing, selling, and commissioning my work. Only problem is that I currently don't have much feasible finished artwork. So what am I doing? Drawing as many pictures I can (AND FINISHING THEM, MEANING COLOR) before the expo later this month. I've already done a few pieces, one colored, one more of a pin-up tattoo style, another showing a couple, yada yada
Basically the gist is that more art will be going up.

I'm starting school on tuesday!
Yes ladies and gentleman, I will be starting my senior year, and honestly, I'm kinda not looking forward to it. Yes, part of it is because the child in me doesn't want to get up early in the morning, but the bigger part is that I don't want to be out of high school just yet. I know that sounds odd, but I'm just very partial to my high school and friends. Once this year is over, I'm going to be heading to college, which means all my friends and I will be split. Not to mention it kinda sucks cause my current boyfriend will still be in high school, and if we're still together then, it'll be hard for us to see each other due to the different schedules. 
I'm also freaking out about scholarships and admissions to the schools I'm trying to get in to.
All in all, I'm just iffy about the entire situation.

Well, talk to you guys soon!

Fye and Ginsei by chansiufa
Hatsune Miku Elfen Lied style by NegativeDanna
Aarons Scary Face.... by 4swords120
azure by M-i-S-T-I-K-A
Crossover: Thor x The Lion King by JeyHaily
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Alright, so in my last journal, I discussed the topic of me deleting my dA account due to my lack of being on recently, and in the comments, I had conversations with a few of you on what to do. Well, one person helped me make my decision, so here's what's going to happen;

I am not going to delete this account, but I'm not going to be very active on it. This will be my fun account, where I'll still post stuff with OCs and whatnot from time to time.
BUT, I have created another account, under the name of MaddieJK. This will be my more official account from now on, where I'll be posting more of my professional style work. I will eventually open sketch commissions on that account, but until then, I am still not open for any requests/commissions. I am still VERY behind on other things that I promised to other people, not to mention Art I have to do as a prize artist on :iconthe-da-ranger-group: (look them up, it's a cool group). Also, I have to prepare for an upcoming community event where I will be selling art and doing commissions in a nearby town in Indiana. So, I'm busy XD

I hope you guys will watch me on that account and I will talk to y'all later!!


edge by Touya101

Mitsuki's Improved Appearance by ErzaScarletFan1

Sketch Request - Yumi Lee by ISquaredArt

Mariya Yattamori - Bleach OC Request by lillybraconnot

Disney Signature Collection - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by davidkawena

The Colour of Love by Me-O-Tojite
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Hey guys, it's Maddie

Seems like it's been an eternity since I was really active on dA.
Now that the Bleach OC world is beginning to cool off, and my time feeling like it's evaporating into thin air, I really am beginning to debate if I should be off dA for good. Yes I love some artists on here and I love sharing my own, but really, I'm not really getting out into the world as I originally thought I would. I've been on dA for about four/five years now, and have yet to break 200 watchers (those of you who are my watchers, love you!!)
Whereas there are other sites where I am beginning to make a name in the community, and have gotten some amazing followers worldwide, such as Young Writers Society. No, not an art site, but a writers one, where I actually get reviews on my stories instead of the classic "it's good".
I will always love dA as the first community I had a foot in with my art, and it's position in making my art what it is today, but to all out there, I may not be around too much anymore.

Tell me what you think.

Lucius PV pic1+VB 2.1 download by Ruriko-sama
Hide and Seek - Zeki kiss by chibijae
(Just discovered the anime on Netflix *u*)

BLEACH Strawbery's Love by Virus-AC
WIP by PixieCold
Michael Jackson by pensierimorti
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  • Eating: nothing, but I am hungry
  • Drinking: Pepsi (IT SHALL ALWAYS BE PEPSI! XD)


Serene-SimpliciT has started a donation pool!
554 / 5,000
FREE Commission:Open Button by KimmyPeachesFREE Request Closed Button. by KimmyPeachesFREE Collaboration  Special Button by KimmyPeachesFREE Art Trade Special Button by KimmyPeaches



Pencil sketch, shaded, can do background with this

Hikari Sketch by Serene-SimpliciTSketch Commission :The Enchantress: by Serene-SimpliciT

All forms (headshot, half body, fullbody) : :points: 300 or $3 USD (may fluctuate depending on commission)
Extra Characters or Animals: :points: +100 or $1 USD
Background: :points: +150 or $1.50 USD per character or animal

Semi-Realistic Sketch
Mariya (Semi-Realistic) by Serene-SimpliciTEve :Semi-Realistic: by Serene-SimpliciT

Only Half Body
Female Only (2 maximum): :points: 1000 or 10 USD (+ half to add another character)

Clean and detailed, inked
Arrancar OC Adoptable by Serene-SimpliciTTwo Face :Maggie: by Serene-SimpliciT

:points: 500 or $5 USD
Background: :points: +100 or $1 USD
Extra Characters or Animals: :points: +150 or $1.50 USD per character or animal

Single Character:
Colored and Detailed, ink and copic marker OR color pencil

No Current Headshots

Halfbody/ Kneelength
When I Was Human by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 700 or $7 USD
Background: :points: +100 or $1 USD

Princess Icicene by Serene-SimpliciT Kayla :Shikai: by Serene-SimpliciT Manami by Serene-SimpliciT Miranda :GIFT: by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 800 or $8 USD
Background: :points: +100 or $1 USD

Two Characters/Couple:
Colored and Detailed, ink and copic marker OR color pencil
:bulletyellow: Animals Can be added to these for :points: 150 or $1.50 USD

Headshots Not Available

Angelic Love by Serene-SimpliciT Under the MistleToe :SatoAsu: by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 900 or $9 USD
Background: :points: +100 or $1 USD


Color :Vic and Michele: by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 30
Background: :points: +5

3+ Characters
Colored and Detailed, ink and copic marker

Headshots Not Available

No Current Halfbody/Kneelength

The Hitsugaya Family by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 30 (+5 per extra character) example: 8 characters, 2= 30, +30(6 other characters) = :points: 60

:bulletyellow: Animals will not be allowed in digital works

Simple sketch, some shading, no background

P. ID by Serene-SimpliciT HitsuYatta_Hug SKETCH by Serene-SimpliciT THANKS FOR WATCHES! by Serene-SimpliciT Bianca Kujo - Sketch by Serene-SimpliciT MSAA Line-Up :sketch: by Serene-SimpliciT

All forms (headshot, half body, fullbody) : :points: 20
Extra Characters (2+) or Animals: :points: +5

Clean and detailed, black lined, Paint Tool Sai

No Current Headshots

Kiriban Lineart by Serene-SimpliciT Yukio :Lineart: by Serene-SimpliciT RikuKari :Lineart: by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 23
Extra Characters (2+) or Animals: :points: +5
Background: :points: +5

Cree :LINEART: by Serene-SimpliciT Naomi - Guardian Angel :lineart: by Serene-SimpliciT Kayla :Lineart: by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 25
Extra Characters (2+) or Animals: :points: +5
Background: :points: +5

Single Character
Clean and detailed, black lined and colored, Paint Tool Sai

Headshot (no background)
Abigail Shecker by Serene-SimpliciT :thumb344475393: You Kill Her... by Serene-SimpliciT :thumb337535130: Darkness is Nearing by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 25

Mahame by Serene-SimpliciT Happy Birthday Mariya! by Serene-SimpliciT Aneko-Teacher by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 27
Background: :points: +5

Isugoro - LAPIS by Serene-SimpliciT Strike... by Serene-SimpliciT Mariya - Volleyball KA by Serene-SimpliciT Contest Entry - Destructio by Serene-SimpliciT Aratastuki - Bianca by Serene-SimpliciT Calankaiana - Fallen Angel by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 30
Background: :points: +5

Two Characters/Couples:
Clean and detailed, black lined and colored, Paint Tool Sai

Headshots Not Available

Gugen Trials by Serene-SimpliciT YamixJessica_GIFT by Serene-SimpliciT Looking Back by Serene-SimpliciT Nakoma - 2 Looks by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 30
Background: :points: +5

Protective by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 33
Background: :points: +5

3+ Characters
Clean and detailed, black lined and colored, Paint Tool Sai

Headshots not Available

No Current Deviants Halfbody/Kneelength
:points: 33 (+5 for extra characters)
Background: :points: +5

SUMMER 2012 by Serene-SimpliciT Lady Marmalade by Serene-SimpliciT
:points: 35 (+5 for extra characters)
Background: :points: +5


:heart:What I can do:heart:

:bulletpink: = Traditional Only
:bulletblue: = Digital Only
:bulletgreen: = Both

:bulletgreen: OC Girls
:bulletpink: OC Boys
:bulletgreen: Couples
:bulletpink: Horses, Pegasus, Unicorn, Zebra :3 (basically anything horsish XD)
:bulletblue: Certain Canon Characters (Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rikou Nura, Edward Elric...)
:bulletgreen: Swords and Guns
:bulletblue: Blood *u*
:bulletpink: Children
:bulletgreen: Buildings
:bulletgreen: Flowers
:bulletgreen: Mature Girls (seductive looking, wearing at least underwear and bra)

What I can't/ will not do

:bulletyellow: Yuri/Yaoi/Hentai
:bulletyellow: Boys in Digital
:bulletyellow: MLP
:bulletyellow: Chibi (for now)
:bulletyellow: Anything super gory
:bulletyellow: Dogs, Cats, Turtles...basically any animal that is not a horse, bird, or fish...maybe not even fish (still learning over her ^^;)
:bulletyellow: CanonxOC pairings
:bulletyellow: mechanical things (like metal suits)
:bulletyellow: Cars, Motorcycles, Bikes (in the process of learning)


Please send information in a note with the following information when commissioning:

Traditional or Digital:
Which coloring style: (sketch, lineart, full color)
Size: (Headshot, Halfbody/Kneelength, Fullbody)
# of Characters:
Character Refs:
Background or not: (don't have to add this if you're not adding a background)
Additional Information: (position, other clothing options, animal details, certain objects like cell phones or weapons)

Payment will be made in two parts, half when I first get ur request, the rest when I show you the sketch or when it's completely done (traditional)

I will try to get ahold of you as soon as possible, and will go in order of when I get them.

Batch 1
1. K-chanLovesAnimeXD
2. techn0vert
3. EternalLight10

Batch 2
1. Roxxia-chan
2. Jusace
3. OblivionedEternity

Batch 3
1. savannauni
2. ErzaScarletFan1
3. SkyeLentNight

Maddie :3

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